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Warehousing & Storage

Enhancing strength to our services we too offer Warehousing & Storage services. We fulfil your Warehousing & Storage needs. We have warehouses and stores where your supplies can be stored for a short or long time. We make sure you that your goods will be kept securely and without any damage. We have made easy weather proof and fresh warehouses to protect the goods from harsh weather conditions. That is we offer the best warehousing facility for you to store your cargo.

We have a widespread and spacious warehouse to include amass quantity of inventories. Professional Cargo Movers is renowned in across Chennai. Our storehouses are well-kept, ventilated and humid-free. Our experts ensure that your goods are methodically stored under optimum temperature and fire-protected surroundings. Apart from storage of goods, we also promise that your goods are dispatched to the near hub for allocation and sale, at the earliest. Our warehouses have enormous ceiling heights, have computerized control mechanism, and are protected with 24*7 security systems. All our services are obtainable at highly reasonable rates.

Our warehousing facilities have numerous loading and unloading docks that make easy timely arrival and departure of goods as per timetable. We understand the need for security of our customersโ€™ freights and take it fatally while forwarding their goods to a dissimilar destination. We also realize that any small damage to the goods can reason an important loss to our clients and being in the business ourselves are conscious of the amount of extra work that it direct to amounting to further losses.

  • Ventilated, dry and humid-free storehouse
  • Clean, computerised and systematic cargo space facilities
  • Well-connected with surface, air and sea shipping routes
  • We have offer warehousing facility to different offices, online-shopping businesses, retail stores, wholesalers and business hubs.

Our warehouses have a team of expert who handle the loading and unloading of goods at the various docks for this reason. We also preserve an inventory for every unloading and loading purpose to make sure that there is correct number of goods and artefacts that are on paper and in case of any difference get in touch with the customer instantly.

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